Quantity Discounts

Use the table below to get the best deals on the top clays and waxes.

Clay / WaxRetail Cost (Per pound)Case (Per pound)100-249 lbs (Per pound)250+ (Per pound)
Monster Clay$5.99$5.75$5.60$5.25
Van Aken’s Klean Klay Alternative$3.99$2.99$2.79$2.49
Chavant NSP$4.49$4.23$4.10$3.95
Chavant Le Beau Touché$4.49$4.23$4.10$3.95
Chavant Le Beau Touché HM$4.49$4.23$4.10$3.95
Chavant Da Vinci$4.49$4.23$4.10$3.95
J-Mac AB200$3.49$2.95$2.74
J-Mac AB210$3.49$2.95$2.74
J-Mac AB220$3.49$2.95$2.74
J-Mac AB225$3.49$2.95$2.74
J-Mac AB250$3.49$2.95$2.74
J-Mac AB43$4.19$3.99
J-Mac AB44$3.89$3.55
J-Mac AB45$3.79$3.45
J-Mac AB55$4.11$3.50


Discounted Modeling Clays and Waxes